I miss autumn

I miss autumn

Chapter 28th.. Coming soon

how Often we think that a new chapter will replace the old one, but that never happens. A new chapter is a new beginning. let the old chapter be closed, pick up lessons from it and use it to manage the new forthcoming chapters better.we shouldn’t relate it to the old chapters since the old chapter is closed and hence shouldn’t be a part of the new chapter.

My fav poem since 2001

By Tara F., Boston, MA

Forget his name, Forget his face

Forget his kiss and warm embrace

Forget his love that once was true

Forget he was fire, and sent roses to you

Forget the time you were together

Remember now, he is gone forever

Forget you cried the whole night long

Forget him when they play your song

Forget the way he used to talk

Forget you memorized his walk

Forget the way he held your hand

Forget the sweet things if you can

Forget the way he loved you too

Remember now, there’s someone new

Forget the time, it went so fast

Remember now, it’s in the past

Forget the things you planned to do

Remember now, she loves him too

Forget the thrill when he walks by

Forget the time he made you cry

Forget he said, “I’ll leave you never.”

Remember now, he’s gone forever.

A really good friends isn’t judged by how often you get together but by a total of lack awarkdness
Hai antwerp, hai cotton candy..

Hai antwerp, hai cotton candy..


No wonder lahhh Said panggil aku penyu . Samaaaa !



No wonder lahhh Said panggil aku penyu . Samaaaa !


No more finn…

No more finn…


noona killer smile


A scene where junsu is rewarded to eat honey cakes for writing 온달 correctly

Junsssuuuu yaaa